• Cheoyong Mask

    Cheoyong Mask

    Cheoyong Mask represents a mythical character named Cheoyong. According to legend, Cheoyong was the son of the Dragon King of the East Sea and drove away an evil spirit who seduced his wife. As a result, Cheoyong masks came to be used in rituals to ward off evil and Cheoyongmu(Dance of Cheoyong) was performed in the royal court as a ceremony to pray for the peace of the country. Currently, the mask is used in performances at the Cheoyong Cultural Festival.

  • Ornamental Silver Knives

    Ornamental Silver Knives

    Byeongyeong in Ulsan is an iron-producing area where weapons have been made for a long time. The skills and techniques used in the process were applied to the production of daily supplies such as knives and pipes, making the area famous forits fine metal crafts. Ornamental silver knives, which are now simply used for decoration, were a weapon for women to protect themselves and for high-ranking officials to detect poison in their food.

  • Oegosan Onggi

    Oegosan Onggi

    Onggi, pottery made with a traditional manufacturing process, has a breathable surface. Thus, food stored in an onggi stays fresh and clean without contamination for a long time.

  • Cloisonné Craft

    Cloisonné Craft

    Cloisonné craft can apply to a wide range of items such as traditional jewelry including women’s ornaments and twin rings, gold and silver accessories, kitchen utensils, modern jewelry, and even interior items.


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Cheoyong Mask +82-52-244-3346 Cloisonné craft +82-52-277-2393
Onggi +82-52-237-7894 Ulju Farm +82-52-229-7473 (http://uljufarm.com)
ITEM : Oegosan Onggi, Ulsan Pear, Ulju Water dropwort, Ulju Persimmon, Ulju Garlic Chives, Ulju Eutteum Orchid, etc
「Delicious Ulsan」 Local Specialties Shop +82-70-8841-0035 Ulsan Gorae-chocolate +82-70-4146-0024
Boksoondoga +82-1577-6746 Trevier +82-52-225-1111
Ulsan Whale Bread +82-52-269-7663 Sowoldang Pear Buns +82-52-262-3013
Dandy Manjoo +82-10-5030-4337

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