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Paradise of Shopping and Food, Samsan-dong Design Street

As Samsan-dong, which accommodates large department stores such as Hyundai Department Store and Lotte Department Store, has recently emerged as a new shopping mecca of Ulsan, diverse types of restaurants and clothing stores began to spring up in the region. Especially around Design Street, as Ulsan's main street, there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, bookstores and stationery shops, which are filled with things to eat and buy. Moreover, the beautifully-arranged streets are enough to attract many couples on a date. Be sure to explore Samsan-dong Food Town for its delightful ambiance and delectable smell!

Food Street
  • Wangsaeng-ro ONCE Food Street in Dal-dong
    (23 restaurants)

    101 Wangsaeng-ro, Nam-gu

  • Beonyeong-ro ONCE Food Street
    (30 restaurants)

    150 Beonyeong-ro, Nam-gu

  • Location

    185 Hwahap-ro, Nam-gu

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It is a mega complex shopping mall considered to be the best shopping and culture space in Ulsan where fashion, culture, food and entertainment coexist for your convenient and enjoyable shopping experience.
CGV Ulsan Samsan Branch
A mega movie theater equipped with 2,305 seats, IMAX Theater and 4D Theater (Inquiries: 1544-1122)

Seongnam-dong Tour

  • Seongnam-dong Tour
  • Seongnam-dong Tour
  • Seongnam-dong Tour
  • Seongnam-dong Tour
There are so many things to shop and experience in Seongnam-dong, including outdoor stages, theaters, jewelry stores, fast-food restaurants, cafes and clothes shops, that one day might not be enough for you to enjoy all the interesting things here.
Culture Street
  • Reborn with cultural flare added, the Culture Street, which had been the center of Ulsan, offers various activities and attractions to watch, experience and enjoy such as cultural and artistic performances and festivals.
Street of Youth
  • The street is called “Paradise of Shopping” by youngsters in their teens and 20s because it is flanked by numerous stores selling jewelry, clothes, shoes and bags as well as famous fast-food restaurants. Particularly, the outdoor stages become a spot for the young generation to radiate their youthful energy every Saturday and Sunday evenings.
Secondhand Clothing Street
  • About 30 small street shops are gathered together, appealing to many female shoppers who seek fashionable and trendy items. Arcades are installed to provide a comfortable shopping environment and new spectacles, and glittering street lighting creates beautiful nightscapes especially at night.
Gomjangeo Street
  • This street is called “Gomjangeo Alley” because restaurants specializing in grilled hagfish (gomjangeo in Korean) from the early 1970s are lined up on both sides. Those restaurants are sought after by people who like tasty flavor and tender texture of hagfish. In addition, they also feature a variety of traditional market food such as a noodle soup.
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