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Fall in Love with the Delicacies of Ulsan!

Eonyang/Bonggye Bulgogi

The nationally-renowned bulgogi in these areas is so soft that it literally melts in your mouth. Particularly, water parsley, which is another specialty of Eonyang, is usually served together for a perfect delicacy.

Eonyang and Bonggye Korean Beef Bulgogi

Jangsaengpo Whale Meat Dishes

  • Jangsaengpo Whale Meat
  • Whale Table

Each part of whale meat has different color and taste. As a high-protein food with no cholesterol, various whale meat dishes have been recently developed such as whale meat bibimbap and whale steaks that you can taste at an affordable price. If you are reluctant toward whale meat, try these new dishes first.

Wild Vegetable Bibimbap of Seongnamsa Temple

It is one of the most popular menu items in the restaurants near Seongnamsa Temple, and a natural healthy dish made with various wild vegetables such as bracken, balloon flower roots, and wild aster.

Eonyang and Bonggye Korean Beef Bulgogi

Sliced raw fish and snow crabs

  • East Sea Raw Fish Slice
  • Jeongja Snow Crab

The taste of sliced raw fish from the deep waters of the East Sea will exceed your expectations. Try hoe dishes at restaurants at Jeongja Beach, Jujeon Beach and other coastal areas. Visit during winter when snow crabs are in season and you can taste snow crab dishes at a reasonable price.

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