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Jangsaengpo Special Whale Culture Zone

  • Location

    244 Jangsaengpogorae-ro, Nam-gu
    (45 restaurants)

  • Features

    In this zone where tourists flock to the Whale Museum, Whale Life Experience Museum and Whale Culture Village, you can taste whale meat, which is one of the specialties of Ulsan.

Maduhui Festival

Raw Fish Center

  • Location

    Jeongja Raw Fish Center
    42 Jeongja 1-gil, Buk-gu

    Ilsan Marine Products Market
    150 Ilsanjin 11-gil, Dong-gu

    Ganjeolgot Raw Fish Center
    246 Ganjeolgothaean-gil, Seosaeng-myeon, Ulju-gun

    Gangyang Raw Fish Village
    105 Gangyang-gil, Onsan-eup, Ulju-gun

Sliced Raw Fish Center

Eonyang/Bonggye Bulgogi Special Zone

  • Location

    120 Gyemyeong-ro, Dudong-myeon, Ulju-gun
    (38 restaurants in Bonggye)

    22 Bangcheon 6-gil, Eonyang-eup, Ulju-gun
    (26 restaurants in Eonyang)

  • Features

    The famous delicacy of Bonggye, hanu (Korean beef) is fresh raw beef grilled on a charcoal fire and a representative dish of Ulju-gun. Eonyang bulgogi is made with beef of three to five-year-old high-grade Korean native cows. The meat is finely chopped and then grilled on a gridiron which is a traditional way of cooking Eonyang bulgogi. It is also cooked using charcoal and salt for lasting reputation.

Eonyang/Bonggye Special Korean Beef Bulgogi Zone Eonyang/Bonggye Special Korean Beef Bulgogi Zone

Simni Bamboo Grove Food Town

  • Location

    29 Singi 4-gil, Jung-gu
    (116 restaurants)

  • Features

    There are 116 restaurants on this 2-km-long food street that offer customers a wide range of tastes. The superb view of the Taehwagang River (park) changes from season to season, and there are numbered signs on every restaurant, making it easy for visitors to find their favorite restaurants. It is an enjoyable place to visit with a variety of food and attractions.

Simnidaebat Food Street

Byeongyeong Makchang Alley

  • Location

    30 Gwangnam 1-gil, Jung-gu
    (14 restaurants)

  • Features

    The restaurants on this street serve tender and savory grilled intestines and offer spicy noodle soup free of charge, one of the reasons why this food street is favored by students and office workers.

Byeongyeong Makchang Street

Wangsaeng-ro ONCE Food Street in Dal-dong

  • Location

    101 Wangsaeng-ro, Nam-gu (23 restaurants)

  • Features

    Located near Samsan-dong and Dal-dong, it has various restaurants and many cultural attractions, which is the reason why it is favored by various demographics.

Beonyeong-ro ONCE Food Street

  • Location

    Beonyeong-ro 150beon-gil, Nam-gu (27 restaurants)

  • Features

    It is a restaurant street in the downtown area where Hyundai Department Store is located. Since being designated as ONCE Food Street by Ulsan City, it attracts customers who look for hygienic and courteous restaurants.

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