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Specialties of Ulsan

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Organic and Nature-derived Indigenous Products

  • Ulsan Pear
    • Ulsan Pear
    • The sufficient amount of rainfall and balanced distribution of sandy loam, clay loam, and clay make Ulsan perfectly suitable for the cultivation of bestquality pears with world-renowned taste.
  • Jujeon-Gangdong Dried Seaweed
    • Jujeon/Gangdong Seaweed
    • It is 100% natural seaweed collected from stones and rocks in the clean sea area of Gangdong, Ulsan.
  • Ulsan Pear
    • Ulju Garlic Chive
    • The average temperature in winter in the Ulju area is about 1℃ higher than other areas. Thus its soil is rich in sand and has good drainage and abundant nutrition. These conditions are perfect for the production of high-quality chives with good color, taste and flavor.
  • Jujeon-Gangdong Dried Seaweed
    • Ulju Water Parsley
    • This water parsley that was sent to royal palace as a tribute in Joseon Dynasty is cultivated with the clean water drawn from 130 meters below ground. It adds a unique and refreshing flavor when served with spicy raw fish salad, kimchi and other dishes.
  • Ulsan Pear
    • Gangdong Fermented Anchovy Sauce
    • It is made with live anchovies caught in the clean waters of the East Sea. It is a fresh and natural seasoning that does not use any preservatives, colorings, or artificial flavor enhancers other than salt.
  • Jujeon-Gangdong Dried Seaweed
    • Ulju Eutteum Orchid
    • The high quality and vivid color of its flowers make it very popular among consumers in China, the U.S. and other countries. Having the mysterious charm of the phalaenopsis, which is considered to be the most beautiful tropical orchids, as well as feminine elegance, it is preferred as a gift or a decoration.
  • Ulsan Pear
    • Ulju Sweet Persimmon
    • Ulju persimmon has a high sugar content and a crispy texture from thin skin. As it has a long ripeness period, it exhibits nice color and a solid texture, which gives it the longest storage time among all the persimmons produced across the country.
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