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Sinbulsan Mountain

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Sinbulsan Mountain A vast expanse of silver grass

Sinbulsan Mountain, with its main peak 1,159 meters above sea level, is part of a mountain range spanning from Gajisan Mountain to Yeongchuksan Mountain. Situated between Yeongchuksan Mountain and Ganwolsan Mountain, Sinbulsan Mountain has a main ridge blanketed with silver grass that especially fascinates hikers in autumn. The mountain also offers leisure and sports activities including paragliding. The mountain ridge, which turns into a magnificent silver grass field in autumn, is a must-see spectacle of the Yeongnam Alps along with the silver grass fields on Cheonhwangsan Mountain.

  • Sinbulsan(Mt)
  • Sinbulsan(Mt)
  • Tel
    +82-52-254-2123~4 (Sinbulsan Falls Recreational Forest Management Office)
    +82-52-204-0341 (Tourism Division of Ulju-gun County Office)
Hongnyu Falls, a scenic view of rocks that Taoist hermits enjoyed
The Resting Place of Mountain Deities: Hongnyu Falls

Hongnyu Falls drops 33 meters into a large pool. In spring, the waterfall sprays a rainbow-colored mist, and in winter, it displays a line of icicles along its cliff and its sprinkling drops of water piles up as snow. Hongnyu Falls is the perfect place to escape summer’s heat.

  • Address San 186, Deungeogalpeuseu-ri, Sangbuk-myeon, Ulju-gun
  • Tel +82-52-204-0341 (Tourism Division of Ulju-gun County Office)
Paraeso Falls, a hidden spectacle deep in the mountains
The Magnificent Scenery of a Deep Valley: Paraeso Falls

The name Paraeso Falls comes from the Korean word “bareso” which means that it rained when people held a ritual for rain. Beautiful Paraeso Falls is still a favorite place for people to make wishes. The falls has a height of 15 meters and the pond has a circumference of 100 meters. The picturesque scenery makes it popular among hikers.

  • Address 200-78, Eoksaebeol-gil Sangbuk-myeon, Ulju-gun
  • Tel +82-52-254-2124 Sinbulsan Falls Recreational Forest (upper zone)
    +82-52-204-0341 (Tourism Division of Ulju-gun County Office)
Experience the artistic taste of poets of the past at Jakgwaecheon Stream
The Traces of Poets in Old Times: Jakgwaecheon Stream

Jakgwaecheon Stream got its name, “jakgwae”(which literally means hanging glass in Chinese characters) because the rocks in the stream looked like glasses hung in the air. In spring, the more than 1-kilometer-long entryway of the stream becomes a tunnel formed by 50-year-old cherry trees. In autumn, the mountain impresses visitors with its colorful fall foliage.

  • Address 1493, Gyodong-ri, Samnam-myeon, Ulju-gun
  • Tel +82-52-204-0341 (Tourism Division of Ulju-gun County Office)
Sinbulsan County Park Campground
(Jakcheonjeong Byeolbit Campsite, Deungeok Alps Campground)
Jakcheonjeong Byeolbit Campsite

This campground is popular among people seeking to escape from their busy life in the city and enjoy the untouched nature.

  • [Jakcheonjeong Byeolbit Campsite] 18-2, Deungeogalpeuseu-ri, Sangbuk-myeon, Ulju-gun, +82-52-254-7720~1
  • [Deungeok Alps Campground] 309-1, Deungeogalpeuseu-ri, Sangbuk-myeon, Ulju-gun, +82-52-254-0301~2
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