Local Food

  • Sliced Raw Fish and Snow Crab

    Sliced Raw Fish and Snow Crab

    Try a dish of sliced raw fish at Jeongja Beach, Jujeon Beach, or other nearby coastal areas. The fresh fish from the deep East Sea offers a gourmet experience. In winter, the area celebrates the snow crab season, serving delicious snow crab dishes at a reasonable price.

  • Whale Meat, Whale Set Menu of Jangsaengpo Port

    Whale Meat, Whale Set Menu of Jangsaengpo Port

    Different parts of whale meat have different colors and flavors. Whale meat, a high-protein, zero-cholesterol ingredient,is cooked with various recipes. Recently, bibimbap with whale meat, whale meat steak, and other affordable whale set menus have been developed to attract people who are reluctant to try whale meat.

  • Eonyang/Bonggye Bulgogi

    Eonyang/Bonggye Bulgogi

    Nationally renowned Eonyang/Bonggye bulgogi, made with native beef cattle raised in a clean environment, is so sweet and tender that it melts in your mouth. Add some water dropwort, another specialty of Eonyang, and you will have a fantastic delicacy.

  • Raw Flounder in Cold Broth

    Raw Flounder in Cold Broth

    This summer delicacy includes cold raw flounder, chopped seafood, and vegetables with sweet and sour sauce.

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