• Ulsan Pear

    Ulsan Pear

    Ulsan boasts one of the most delicious pears in the world thanks to the sufficient amount of rain and balanced distribution of sandy loam, clay loam, and clay, which are ideal soil conditions for growing pears.

  • Gangdong/Jujeon Seaweed

    Gangdong/Jujeon Seaweed

    Natural seaweed collected from the clean coasts of Gangdong, Ulsan

  • Ulju Garlic Chives

    Ulju Garlic Chives

    Ulju area has a natural environment suitable for growing garlic chives. Its average temperature in winter is about 1℃ higher than other areas and its sandy soil, which is good for drainage, contains abundant nutrients that are so important for optimum plant growth. The garlic chives produced in Ulju have excellent color, taste, and scent.

  • Ulju Water Dropwort

    Ulju Water Dropwort

    Ulju’s water dropwort was sent as a tribute to the king during the Joseon period. Raised with clean water from 130 meters below ground, the area’s water dropwort adds a unique scent and refreshing taste to dishes including spicy raw fish salad and kimchi.

  • Gangdong Fermented Anchovy Sauce

    Gangdong Fermented Anchovy Sauce

    Made with fresh anchovies from the clean waters of the East Sea,this natural seasoning does not contain any preservatives, colorings, or artificial flavor enhancers other than salt.

  • Ulju Eutteum Orchid

    Ulju Eutteum Orchid

    The orchid’s vivid color and excellent quality has won the hearts of overseas consumers from China and the United States. Especially, phalaenopsis, which is regarded as the most beautiful tropical orchid, and cymbidium, with its graceful elegance and beauty, are perfect as a gift or decoration.

  • Ulju Persimmon

    Ulju Persimmon

    This vivid fruit, high in sugar content, has a solid, crunchy flesh below its thin, soft skin. Due to its long ripening period, persimmons from Ulju have the longest storage time of all the persimmons produced in the country

  • 「Delicious Ulsan」 Local Specialties Shop

    「Delicious Ulsan」 Local Specialties Shop

    The local specialties shop on the first floor of KTX Ulsan Station offers not only souvenirs but also favorite local food such as Ulsan Whale Chocolate, Boksoondoga, Trevier craft beer, Ulsan Whale Bread, Sowoldang Pear Buns, and Dandy Manjoo.

  • Ulsan Whale Chocolate

    Ulsan Whale Chocolate

  • Boksoondoga Makgeolli

    Boksoondoga Makgeolli

  • Trevier Beer

    Trevier Beer

  • Ulsan Whale Bread

    Ulsan Whale Bread

  • Sowoldang Pear Buns

    Sowoldang Pear Buns

  • Dandy Manjoo

    Dandy Manjoo

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